📢 Exciting News! 🌍 Our New Paper Alert! Assessing Seismic Risk in Istanbul: High-Resolution Hazard Mapping and Ground Motion Analysis

Erol Kalkan and Polat Gülkan

In our new paper, we dive deep into the seismic challenges facing Istanbul, a city at risk of a significant earthquake. Our comprehensive research employs a multi-faceted approach to evaluate seismic risks in this bustling metropolis. We examine six plausible earthquake scenarios, utilizing six distinct ground motion prediction equations (GMPEs) to create high-resolution seismic hazard maps.

These maps not only highlight peak horizontal ground accelerations but also provide insights into spectral acceleration values across various timeframes. We account for the amplification effects of softer sediments, resulting in a nuanced understanding of Istanbul’s seismic vulnerability.

Our findings spotlight areas of heightened risk, such as the western shoreline, where median spectral accelerations at 0.3 seconds approach 1 g, indicating the potential for intense shaking. Conversely, the financial district exhibits lower values, approximately at 0.3 g. These granular insights are invaluable for strategic urban planning and risk mitigation efforts.

Our research serves as a rallying call for proactive measures aimed at minimizing earthquake impacts on Istanbul’s dynamic urban landscape. By enhancing our comprehension of seismic risks, we aim to contribute to the protection of the city’s residents and critical infrastructure.

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