When disaster strikes, we are all at risk! The unprepared ones will get hit the hardest. Today, at least 1,680 dams across the U.S. rated in poor or unsatisfactory conditions. These dams pose potential risks according to the Associated Press article. Without urgent action, aging dams (dams in the U.S. are on average over 50 years old) may not be able to adequately handle the intense rainfall and floods of a changing climate or imminent earthquakes. Because the housing developments are often located nearby these dams, they may fail to protect people.

The significance of structural health monitoring (SHM) for dam safety is widely acknowledged. There are a number of unfortunate examples of failed dams where early signs of deficiencies might have been monitored and detected if a proper SHM system had been in place. A robust SHM system can provide timely information that is needed for an understanding of the performance of a dam. The SHM system, including instrumentation and data analytics, can provide dam owners with the knowledge that a dam is performing as expected, and the ability to detect a change in its integrity. This knowledge and ability are critical for the dam owners because they are directly responsible for the consequences of failure. Because of these reasons, a robust safety monitoring system should be a fundamental part of every dam owners risk management progra

QuakeLogic provides the most comprehensive structural health monitoring solution for dams. We are the only company with a cloud-based, AI-powered technology platform performing autonomous structural assessments using sensor data. After an earthquake occurs, our platform sends rapid notifications to our users. These notifications include the level of shaking intensity and whether the structural integrity of the dam is compromised. This system not only monitors earthquakes but also utilizes data from various sensors such as potentiometers, strain gauges, thermocouples, weather stations, piezometers and seepage (weirs & flumes).

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